Shout Your Chappy brochure – Add Your Own Photo!

You have asked for it and here is it – a ‘Shout Your Chappy’ flyer that you can add your own Chappy photo to! AND it’s easy to do.

It’s as simple as step 1-2-3:Peter_Shout Your Chappy Editable flyer

  1. Right click over the photo box
  2. Select ‘Change Picture’
  3. Insert your own picture

It really is that easy.

Also, don’t forget to add in your School Chaplaincy details on the other side of the flyer in the editable field, so that funds go to the right place.

Please ensure your LCC Chair has approved it before use.

Why use a ‘Shout your Chappy’ flyer?

Generally, people who provide banking details and become ‘recurring donors’ are:

  • More committed than cash donors
  • Are likely to support you for a few years
  • Are likely to give to other charities and have a value of giving


  • Recurring donations help provide financial stability
  • It is easier to keep a donor than to find a new one
  • 20 new $20/month donors = $4,800

If you do have problems adding your picture, please contact

Also, we would love your feedback regarding how this flyer could be improved for your fundraising purposes.  Please send any feedback to

Download ‘Editable Photo – Shout your Chappy‘ flyer