Introducing ChildSafe Australia – Part of the larger SU Australia family

Have you ever been to a wedding and been introduced to someone for the first time, only to find out you’re somehow related?

Big families are a lot like big organisations and it often seems like relatives just keep appearing. Today we’re excited to announce that ChildSafe (an Australian organisation committed to creating safe environments for children and vulnerable people) is officially part of the wider Scripture Union family.

Some people are surprised to learn that ChildSafe’s systems were developed in partnership with Scripture Union after the team saw a need for greater systems to protect the young people they worked with. Over time, “ChildSafe Australia” was born alongside our SMO (Safety Management Online) system. Because it was developed by people in ministry, ChildSafe’s SMO system is a really practical tool that assists churches, camps, clubs and organisations to strengthen their Child Safety implementation.

ChildSafe Australia’s focus is to empower organisations to develop a culture of Safe People, Safe Places and Safe Programs. We are really passionate about creating safe environments for children and vulnerable people, whether in schools, clubs, churches, organisations, homes, camps or in the community.

To date, ChildSafe has created a safer environment for more than 321,000 children and trained more than 42,000 leaders who work with young people. 

Australia’s 10 National Child Safe principles, combined with individual state-based regulations, provide a regulatory framework that all organisations that work with children MUST comply with. Many organisations struggle to navigate these requirements, to understand how to apply them and most importantly, how to implement them well. ChildSafe can assist your organisation to create a culture of Child Safety.  

At ChildSafe, we are serious about creating safer environments for children, and one way we’re doing this is through our partnership with Jayneen Sanders and Educate 2 Empower Publishing, to deliver some excellent resources and training in the area of body safety for pre-school and primary school children. We will be sharing more of this program next year through our Scripture Union networks around Australia – so keep your eyes peeled!

If you are involved in any organisation working with children, we encourage you to pass on this information and to:

A: Sign up to our monthly newsletter or connect with our socials on facebook, youtube or instagram by searching for ChildSafe.

B: Ask your organisation the 5 safety questions.

C: Find out more about body safety training for pre-school and primary schools at

On behalf of ChildSafe Australia, we’re looking forward to working with you in the near future.

For more child safety resources and information, visit the ChildSafe website or contact Mal MacDowall at