Entertain this easy fundraising idea for your chaplaincy!

Join hundreds of schools who are already fundraising with Australia’s favorite digital dining, activity & travel discount guide – the Entertainment Book app!

The beauty of this fundraiser is: no cost, minimal effort, no risk.

Your chaplaincy service will receive $14 for each Single City membership sold and $24 for every Multi City membership sold.  Membership is fully digital (so you won’t need to worry about social distancing).

All digital marketing material is provided and you choose when to promote the fundraiser. Better yet, there’s no limit to how long you can run the fundraiser for (as memberships can be sold all year long).

To promote your Fundraising page, simply spread the word via email and through your social media. Check with your school, local churches and community organisations who support you to also help spread the word through their social media channels.


  • Rolling 12 month digital memberships. Perfect for School Holidays or Christmas gifts!
  • Maintain regular donations – every year your donors will receive a renewal notice.
  • You will have access to the names and contact details of every person that purchases a membership – so you can personally thank them for their support – who knows, you may even attract some new donors for your chaplaincy.
  • When you register your LCC / Chaplaincy – you will receive one free membership valued at up to $120.  Keep this for yourself, or use it as a prize.
  • Every membership can be shared between up to 4 devices – great for family sharing.


Click this link and complete the form using the following details:

  • Organisation Name: Scripture Union Queensland*
  • Choose category: Organisation
  • Address: 126 Barry Parade, Fortitude Valley, 4006, QLD.
  • About you: Please enter your own details.
  • Comments: Please include the name of your School Chaplaincy or LCC in the comments section.

*Please note that it is essential you register under SUQLD.

The team at Entertainment Book will then contact you to set up your unique LCC account number. They will then provide you with your own fundraising page specific to your chaplaincy, which you can use to promote to your networks. This will include any branding and promotional material, such as email signatures, social media images and logos.  All funds received will go directly to your LCC, deposited quarterly.

Once registered, you will have access to details of donors, which means you can connect with them on a personal level, and include them in your regular chappy communications and engagement.  What a simple way to grow your donor database.

Remember once you’re registered you will have access to your donors’ contact details. So don’t forget to connect with them to thank them personally for their support. To help, we’ve prepared some suggested wording to help you thank your supporters via email.

Simply click on the “copy” option in the text box below and paste that straight into your message to supporters!

Hi [Name]

Thank you so much for supporting SU QLD and our school chaplaincy service here at [Name of School] through your Entertainment Book Digital Membership.

You are helping to ensure that our school community continues to access vital social, emotional and spiritual support in times of need. I just can’t express how grateful I am.

To help your support go even further, please feel free to share the Entertainment Book link with your family, friends and colleagues, and through your social media accounts. This means more families can enjoy the great discounts included, while sowing back into the work you care so much about at our school.

All money raised goes directly towards funding more chaplaincy hours in our school, which means more support for [Name of school] students, families and staff.

Once again, thank you for your support.

[Name of chaplain]
[Name of school]

Happy fundraising!