COVID-Safe Fundraising Ideas

Coronavirus has turned just about everything on its’ head around the world – and school and club fundraising in Australia has been no exception. Practically overnight, Fundraising stopped abruptly and events were cancelled – but this doesn’t mean that your chappies don’t need vital funds to continue delivering mission.

So to help you out (along with a bit of guidance from the Fundraising Directory), we’ve pulled together this list of COVID-safe fundraising ideas.

The Tea Towel Fundraiser

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Your children’s artwork on tea towels, bags, and aprons for a treasured keepsake. It’s easy, contactless and it brings the community together, like a yearbook on a tea towel.

Everything you need to get started is in your free coordinator’s kit. They can create a group design or print full-colour individual artworks on tea towels, tote bags, and aprons.

They make it simple by providing everything you need, then you get to do the fun part of getting the kids (and adults) to draw something special. When you’re done, upload or post all the drawings to them.

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Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough

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The Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough is Australia’s most in-demand fundraiser at present. In one week alone, their online store transacted over $128,000 worth of cookie dough sales. During COVID-19, their top three organisations have sold over 1,600 tubs each and Oakwood Primary School set a new fundraising record surpassing our previous record held back in 2010, selling 2,201 tubs.

  • 100% online – safe and secure
  • No door knocking is required which removes all health risks
  • High profit of $3.50 per tub
  • No up-front costs
  • Order what you sell
  • Order form drive 
  • Free seller incentive prizes

For a limited time, anyone that sells over 104 tubs will receive a free carton of cookie dough, valued at $128. With each tub sold, chappies will make $3.50 profit and each student/member who sells a tub will receive a prize for their efforts. 

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School Ponytail Accessories

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Shop the award-winning “Fundraise with Bows” program here and check out their huge range of ready-to-ship colours and styles online, securely using AfterPay, PayPal, Cards, or Bank Deposit. Orders are sent direct to your door by Australia Post.

It’s as simple as adding your unique fundraising code to the cart, and receiving beautiful, co-ordinated bows and carnival products direct to your home OR school. At the end of term, they send 20% back to your school or club. It’s passive fundraising at it’s best!

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Tesselaar Bulbs Fundraising

Spring flowering bulbs are a wonderful activity for communities and families to do together and the rewards will last a lifetime. Spring Bulb Fundraising is available from January to May each year.

All orders can be done online and are delivered via Australia Post.

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Jolly Soles

Jolly Soles is the sugar-free, fun, and practical fundraising idea you’ve been looking for! We provide you with easy-to-carry boxes filled with funky, eye-catching socks for you to sell at a profit. It’s that simple. Sell them at your school, your workplace, and at your Sunday morning sports game and support your cause by standing out from the fundraising crowd.

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School Fun Run

School fun-runs have the double blessing of bringing joy and fun to your community while raising funds for school chaplaincy. The organisation below will give free colour powder to primary school chaplaincy school fun-runs, so be sure to take a look at the link.

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We hope you find something useful here, and can’t wait to see what creative things you come up with. Thank you as always, for your support of school chaplaincy. We couldn’t do it without you!