Champion Your Chappy

This exciting new campaign is available for any LCC that would like a digital fundraising campaign to help raise money to increase their Chaplain’s days in the school.

SU QLD contracted everydayhero to build a layer on top of their peer-to-peer fundraising platform that would enable your LCC to use this campaign, while ensuring that the donations go into your LCC’s fund.

How it looks in practice

If you decide to start fundraising with this campaign for the benefit of your LCC, you will setup a supporter profile (see below).

You can populate your own “story” to help people understand why you are fundraising and also set your own personal goal. Individuals who donate to your page can also include words of encouragement. We highly recommend thanking your donors as quickly as possible.

All the branding and naming of the campaign is done for you. You only need to set a goal and upload your photo.

You may decide that one person on your LCC will create the profile and you will all promote that one page. Or, each LCC member can create their own profile and divide the total goal you need among you.

The network effect is the key to peer-to-peer fundraising, so the more you can get people to help promote the campaign on your behalf, the better.

Start fundraising

To get started, visit and search for your Chaplaincy Service:

Then click more details under the Champion Your Chappy campaign heading.

Then click register to fundraise to create your own personal fundraising page:

Everydayhero will guide you through the process of setting up your supporter page. You can then share it on Facebook or via email to start getting support from individuals and businesses.

Happy fundraising!

Promotional Material

Posters, Flyers, email templates and printable donation forms are available here.

More information

For more details, please read the PDF below that explains the campaign.